• Big Bear, Pink/Red

Polka Dot Club

Big Bear, Pink/Red

PDC Big Bear

The PDC Big Bear's wide waist is perfect for hugging and it will only get softer and more huggable with age.

100% Natural Materials
~ two colors of long mohair fur woven onto a 100% cotton backing
~ hand embroidered nose
~ cotton stuffing
~ safety eyes and wool felt
~ cotton neck tie (add a note if you'd like a particular color)
~ about 12 inches tall


Each bear has a unique neck tie made from specially designed POLKA DOT CLUB fabric. Please leave a note at checkout regarding your preferred color if you have one: e.g. blue, pink, yellow, green, muted, bright, or girly etc. If no note is given, Jennifer will hand select a one that's just right.

Intended for Children ages 3 and Up

handmade in Minneapolis MN, USA


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