• Custom Dressed Bear, Pink
  • Custom Dressed Bear, Pink

Polka Dot Club

Custom Dressed Bear, Pink

Custom Dressed Bear in Pink wearing Polka Dot from Polka Dot Club.


One small thing to grow big with.

100% Natural Materials

mohair fur woven onto a 100% cotton backing

hand embroidered eyes and nose

100% cotton stuffing

7 inches tall and all floppy goodness 

an heirloom toy - for now & forever.


About Polka Dot Club:

With one foot in the past and everything else leaning far into the future the POLKA DOT CLUB takes heritage toy making seriously. At the turn of the 20th century the finest teddy bears and stuffed animals were made with mohair, wool felt, and wood stuffing. Inspired by the longevity of its love worn predecessors, the PDC continues to use only natural fibers. We use mohair fur woven onto cotton backing, and improve on safety and feel with the inclusion of safety eyes and 100% cotton stuffing. All materials, techniques and processes are made with your little one in mind and an eye toward bringing heritage toy making into the 21st century. These are bears that pay homage to the past but are wholly modern playthings for today. They are heirlooms for now & forever.


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