Visual Conversations: Amanda Lund

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Amanda Lund is our TENOVERSIX Dallas store manager and a stylish fixture at the Joule Hotel (where our store resides).

q. Anyone who knows Amanda, knows she has great style and a near-perfect makeup and nail game. What makeup are you into this Spring18? -KLC


Photo courtesy of- lecooletchic.tumblr


Photo courtesy of- Amberlee Patterson, TOS

@unistella_by_ek_lab (the best nail art account)

Kyle Branch, TOS Floral Merch Queen



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Visual Conversation No. 1
October 2017

Kyle Branch is part of our TENOVERSIX sales team, takes great photos, and makes the most Ah-mazing floral arrangements. He has a great eye.

q.  I’m always fascinated by creativity with constraints. If you could only use one flower to design with, what would it be? -KLC




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q. wanting to color my hair something other than Platinum. Good arguments here for ORANGE, PINK, BLUE… -KLC


all-time favorite Kate Moss pink hair by Juergen Teller

chloe sevigny by mark borthwick

all mint Sies Marjan F17 Runway via Vogue Runway

Moody Girls Hair Color, ok i think i’ll try this

Stranger Than Paradise by Stefanie Schneider


the cinematic Blue is the Warmest Color

the original red Run Lola Run

via Twin Magazine

Vivienne Westwood for I-D Magazine 2012



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Hamish Robertson is a visual artist and photographer living in Los Angeles. I love his work for the beauty and wit he captures, most often in landscapes. He recently visited Miami for the first time to shoot a commission for us. 

q. What looks new to you, a Brit living in LA, when you travel to Miami for the first time? -KLC



I was pleasantly surprised to find 19th century correspondence literally grows on trees in Miami.

Post-deco South Beach.

Downtown sundae.

Reflecting on post-Irma Coral Gables.

Obligatory orchid.

The ground never stops moving.

Ficus Club.

I rode a bike for the first time since I was 15. And I liked it.

Bonus: the other Florida.

Art Basel Miami with TENOVERSIX

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