What’s a name you’d give this summer playlist you made for TenOverSix?
Big Mood Summer 2018

What got you into music in the first place? Do you remember a particular song that hooked you?
For my birthday one year, my mom gave me Kanye West's Graduation and AC/DC's Greatest Hits album. I listened to these albums both so much. My mom is really the spark of my deep interest in music. Recently, she has shown me so much good house music she would listen to when she would go out in the 80s and 90s. Sweet Like Chocolate by Sharon Woolf and pretty much the whole soundtrack to Night at the Roxbury is pretty great to play at a party to get people to dance. 

Favorite band right now?
Men I Trust. I saw them live in Brooklyn recently and they killed it. I can't wait for their new album to come out in August. Their music videos are killer and have great art direction. I interviewed one of the members of the band, Dragos, on my show. He was so interesting and insightful and I definitely fanboyed out.
Best live show you’ve seen lately?
 Hands down, Cigarettes After Sex. I saw them at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA in May and it was beautiful. They sound exactly like the record and it was a very nostalgic feeling show. It was not about the lights or how the band engaged the crowd, it was strictly about the sound and the music. Also, everyone was sitting for the show which was so unique and different than any other show I have been to. 

What is your source to learn of new music? (i.e. blogs, magazines, interviews, just going to shows?)
Pigeons and Planes is pretty good. Honestly, I feel like I find music in the weirdest ways.  Definitely my friends and I send each other great music. But I find a lot of music through hearing it at a bar or club. I feel like I also find a lot of music randomly listening to DJ sets and Shazaming a song. The OVO Sound Radios are pretty great. Majid Jordan has done some amazing sets where I have found some of my favorite songs. 

What’s KXSC station link?
Here is my station link:
I play different time slots every semester so I won't know that until August. 

Do you play an instrument?
I played the drums for about five years. Haven't played though in 8 years.

What are your top 5 on-repeat/never-get-sick-of songs?
I can make a list as of right now. 
Little Dark Age by MGMT (best song of 2018 hands down)
Pick up the phone - Travis Scott
Real Love - Toro Y Moi (would have put it on the playlist but it's not on streaming services)
Only you - Steve Monite
Each time you fall in love - Cigarettes After Sex

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