• Cartography #3

Ward Roberts

Cartography #3



Cartography 03 print framed from Ward Roberts.

Archival photographic rag paper with lightweight aluminum frame-less mounting.

Size 13.5 x 9.2"

About Collection:

ward roberts is an independent conceptual artist who creates exquisitely composed photographs drawing on themes such as loneliness and isolation in the modern world. he is currently based out of New York. 

obfuscations of authentic selves in favour of laboured constructions, ornate, multilayered representations of desired identities and the perceptions of these, serve as illustrative catalysts to ward roberts’ latest photography excavation, cartography. authored between 2012 and 2015, eight ethereal portraits, suffused throughout with roberts’ synonymous pastel palette, examine that duality of visible and obscured selves, tangible and intangible constitutions, and concealed and explicit biographies, all within a deeper exploration of the ever-increasing ephemerality of self, in an aeon of ready digital manipulation, wanted avatars, and vacillating identities.

influenced by the chromatic works of light sculptor, james turrell, anonymous 19th century photography depictions of ectoplasm, and the baroque chiaroscuros of the italian renaissance, cartography pursues evolved conceptions and constructions of selves and the narratives enacted by such, all amidst attempting to restore that equilibrium and lucidity surrendered to mythopoeia, narcissism, aggrandisement and self-deception, conscious, and otherwise.

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