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Club Donny #9



Samira Ben Laloua, Frank Bruggeman & Ernst van der Hoeven (Eds.)

Club Donny is a biannual magazine on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment. Contributors share views on common use and contact with the city and the associated perception of nature, offering a podium for observations, coincidences, stories and encounters to bring forward the incongruous meaning of nature. Club Donny# 9 launched as a part of the “Mapping Fleuvoland” project, which documents the re-wilding of a nature preserve in The Netherlands—from the Museum De Paviljoens, Almere. Includes 14 photographs in poster format, articles, and contributions from Annick Kleizen, Jan van Adrichem, Maarten Feenstra, Marcel van der Meijs, Petrovsky and Ramone, Wilfried Nijhof, Wouter Sibum, Yasuyuki Takagi and Yeb Wiersma, among others.

January 2013/ Unbound signatures/ 8 x 11 3/4 inches/ 36 pp/ 14 color

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