Dry Magazine, Issue 6

Dry Magazine


Dry Magazine, Issue 6

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Dry Magazine Issue 6

Cover picture by Valentina De’ Mathà, starring Bronte Coates styled by Leonardo Persico


(R)evolution. Which revolution? Why revolution? Are there more revolution to come? Whether it’s an irrevocable movement or a cyclical recovery of previous conditions, revolution – courageously seized or ineluctably suffered – are not unlike the movement of celestial bodies: they mark a new starting point; here a new year, there a new esprit du temps. As historical phenomenon, a revolution can be a quick process or a lengthy affair, and is the realization of radical change, inspired by ideological motivations, effecting profound transformation of a broad range of social, economic and political structures. They are often born of acts of faith or love, and as such are associated ( by reaction ) with violence, repression and restoration.

Dry Magazine is an independently published culture magazine based in Copenhagen and London. Dry was founded in 2012 by Carl-Emil Storm Gabrielsen.


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