• Render, #3 Timing
  • Render, #3 Timing

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Render, #3 Timing



Render Magazine Issue #3 "Timing"

RENDER is a quarterly magazine that aims to disrupt the canon of mainstream food and cooking magazines. Our mission is to empower women in the kitchen by representing women and their contributions to food culture.

RENDER is both a stand-out magazine and an online community. We are a team of food enthusiasts, makers, and writers looking to connect with other foodies, writers, and the like to discuss often ignored and underrepresented issues in food magazines and the food world today.

The magazine is intended for a new generation of people who want to think critically about food while taking its enjoyment seriously. Together, the magazine and online community provide an alternative to addressing food as simply a matter of “lifestyle,” but rather as something that is fundamental to the most basic and meaningful parts of life. Our mission is educational and aims to empower people to have a rich, positive, and thoughtful relationship with food.

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