Tin Plus Bag, Beige

Eatable of Many Orders


Tin Plus Bag, Beige

Regular price $450

Tin Plus bag in beige from Eatable of Many Orders.

Cross body bag made out of smooth vegetable dyed leather. Magnetic wood ball closure and wood handle. 

100% Cow Leather and White Ash Wood.

Handcrafted in Atami, Japan

"Eatable of Many Orders" is a brand that explores the possibilities in natural materials and creates clothes by incorporating two essences of being who we are, ‘eating’ and ‘wearing.’ A wise man once said, “You are what you eat.” Eatable of Many Orders takes this notion a step further by claiming “You are what you eat and wear.” EOMO creates and propose for those people who identify elegance, beauty, health and comfort as their core values.


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